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Here's what I have worked on so far.

Web development

Here are just the top 5 of what I've made so far

1. JS cart
Needs modification to make it public
2. Moogle
Using omdb api search for movies you like. Developed in node.js
Github link: Moogle
3. HTML to Text
Convert HTML to text that is converting all < and > to &lt; and &gt; etcetra
Github link: HTML 2 text
4. New to do
A todo list making application for your browser.
Github link: New Todo
5. Jose wordpress blog
Front end by Jose and wordpressified by me, it is a very minimal wordpress theme with incredible load times.
Files will be linked later

Game development

Here are just the top 5 games I've made so far

Battle Tank game
1. Tank game
Game based off Unreal engine and C++ with cool AI Tanks, Mortars, Playable tank with first and third person cameras.
2. Building escape
Game created to showoff volume trigger and automatic first person camera in a little game where you have to put the right weight on trigger to get the doors open. Also includes a level with self changing maze puzzles that create severe distratcions, where you have to reach a final point to win the game.
Github link: Building Escape
3. Breakout game
Classic breakout game of Atari, clone of the old game.
Github link: Breakout game clone
4. Buck doe game
Console based C++ word guessing game. Guess isograms of different sizes with relevant number of chances to guess.
Github link: Buckdoe game
5. Text Adventure
Though this game is far from complete, this game contains mechanics of of old text adventure style games. With map, ability to move around the map, ability to take objects and put it in your inventory. Game demostrates insides of fun text adventure game.
Github link: Text adventure

Web application development

Top 5 web applications that I have developed.

1. Yelpcamp
Yelp application clone. Camping sites finder, along with abilities for users to add new sites to the database, coming soon: rating system, buying a slot and much more.
Github link: Yelpcamp
2. Matrimonial application
Application for searching their soul mates, a real world application made for the client and opensourced to help others learn the internals of such an application.
Currently unavailable, will be linked in the future.
3. Hostel application
Hostel record maintainance application.
Files unavailable right now, if found will be linked later.
4. Jobsearch application
Application having different types of users, meaning accounts for employers and job seekers. Employers can post jobs, job seekers can apply and much more.
Files lost along with above application, if found will be linked later. Most probably will redo this application.

NOTE: If you have any web application ideas, that will not eatup more than 3 days and at the same time will help a lot of people and you ABSOLUTELY NEED me to work on it please do contact me at rjwork337-at-gmail-dot-com.